How does the pottery process work?

1. Pick pottery piece to paint! We have a variety of pieces; from functional or decorative to seasonal. This will be an experience enjoyed by all ages! 2. Paint your masterpiece! We offer a variety of glazes and techniques. 3. Leave your finished piece with us and we will glaze and fire it! Your piece [...]

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What if I want to make something out of clay?

We offer clay hand building projects! You can paint your clay project that day or we can bisque fire it and you can come back in a couple of weeks to paint it! Reservations are required to work with clay. Prices start at $20 per person. Call us at 636-327-4699 to make a reservation.

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What if I’m not artistic?

No painting or art experience required! We are here to help and have an assortment of stamps, stencils, silk screens, and techniques to help you make a piece you are proud of. We also have a variety of samples in the studio and pictures posted on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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