Hello Friends! You’ve seen our posts that we are headed to Arizona for a pottery convention and closing the studio August 24 – 29. It’s not an easy decision to make to close the studio so we wanted to share a little insight into why it’s so important that we do.

As pottery studio owners we belong to an association of other studios called CCSA (Contemporary Ceramic Studio Association) and this year the CCSA is celebrating 20 years! What an amazing achievement! The annual pottery convention is when we get to meet all these other studio owners and talk business and connect! It’s like a huge family and we are so looking forward to seeing everyone.  As you all know, we’ve owned Imagination Pottery for a little over 2 years now. And meeting all of our IP family has still been our #1 joy and participating in CCSA is #2! We had no idea when we took over the studio on how blessed we would be with so many new friends to guide us in this new endeavor! We love hearing what’s going on in their studios because it may be something we can do to enhance your experience at Imagination Pottery!

It’s always fun to relax with our pottery peeps, but convention is also 4 days of jam-packed classes and learning! By day 2 we are usually running on creative ideas and caffeine! And between classes we have the exhibit floor for our suppliers! This is where dreams are made of! They flood the exhibit floor with exciting new pieces, techniques, silk screens, etc 🙂 And we actually get to paint! You probably think as studio owners we get to paint a lot, but we are often too busy!

It will be a whirl-wind adventure that will bring us back to you all inspired and refreshed! So THANK YOU for supporting us in closing for a few days! Make sure you like us on Facebook because we will be sharing some updates while we are away!