Looking for some inspiration for your next pottery piece? Let us introduce you to your new pottery best friend, silkscreens! Silkscreens are an easy way to get a beautiful design on a piece. It’s a fine mesh screen that you put on your pottery and apply paint to it with your finger; then you remove the screen, and voilà the image is on your piece! And you have a couple of options when using silkscreens. You can use them on an unpainted piece and color the image in for some coloring book fun. Or paint your piece however you want and then apply the silk screen. Either way is beautiful!

We absolutely LOVE them because they create amazing results, are super easy, and no artistic experience necessary!

Sounds great right?! We know what you’re thinking though, “it’s not really that easy!”. So we made a video to show you just how easy it is 🙂


Ta-Da… Easy Peasy! We have a binder full of designs to choose from; including holidays, monograms, fun sayings, cooking, animals, nautical, floral, etc! Now is the perfect time to start those Christmas gifts! And there is no extra charge to use silkscreens! We are all inclusive, so you only pay for your piece and that includes the glaze and use of all our amazing techniques! Come on in and take a look at all of our options and you’ll be ready to create your masterpiece! No appointment necessary, walk-ins are welcome anytime! We look forward to creating with you soon!