Posted 10/3/2016

Happy Monday! Imagination Pottery is a proud family business in Wentzville and today we wanted to share the story of how we got here. This is the picture at what we thought was our last day painting before the studio closed 🙂

Imagination Pottery has been a paint your own pottery studio in Wentzville since 2007 and our family quickly became customers. We loved sitting in the studio for hours, painting & just catching up with each other. Our mom still has her favorite Halloween candy dish that she painted years ago and I think all of us have at least one magnet that someone painted for us on our refrigerator.

Fast forward to April 2015, and we learned that the studio was for sale.

We quickly made plans to go in for one final time as a family.  As we are sitting there painting & relaxing, we are joking about what if we bought it. Well little did we know that a week later that’s exactly what we would be doing! Megan went in to pick up our pieces and started talking to the current owner about what a shame the business would be closing. The owner asked “why don’t you buy it?”. And from the moment the words were out there Megan knew that’s exactly what they would do because it just felt right! (You know what we are talking about, that gut feeling!)

She called everyone on her way home and they immediately had a family meeting to discuss the plan. Megan, Michael, and Nicole already had full time jobs; so thank goodness for the dream team of Abby and Ricky who both had other jobs but could be more flexible with their schedules! We took ownership on May 1st and spent a month and half making the studio our own; and officially opened for business on June 20, 2015! Everyday we are grateful that we get do what we love, with the people we love; including our family and some incredible customers! We are so thankful that Imagination Pottery gave us a place to create memories all those years ago, and today we get to be that creative destination for all of our customers. Winning!